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Denim Jeans and Shorts > 12 Pcs FOCUS/DIRECT BLUE Heavy Embroidery Denim Pants
12 Pcs FOCUS/DIRECT BLUE Heavy Embroidery Denim Pants

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Prod. Code: FOCUS2


12 Pcs Asst prints Denim Pants Heavy Embroidery on one or two pockets made by Focus Jeans Co.

Label:   Focus Jeans / Direct Blue

Sizes:  30 - 42 Asst

Inseam:  34

Cut    :    Straight

Embroidery: Most designs both pockets, some designs one pocket

Wash effects :  Dark Blue  / Blue Vintage / Black / Black Vintage     Asst

Origin :  Pakistan


Designs change frequently. Designs available at the time of shipping are shipped. If you have special requirements as to sizes or washes (blue or black) please specify that in you e mail after placement of order and we will try to accomodate that. 12 pcs of one design in assorted sizes will be shipped. No assurance can, however be given due to high turnover.


We do take advance orders for our forthcoming designs and can assure availability of selected design on your advance orders. Delivery can vary from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. Please call us if you are interested.


Your satisfaction is important to us. Please call us at 212-889-0060 or e mail us at sales@cottonmine.com if you have any questions or comments.

For Further information Call 1(212)889-0060 or send an email to sales@cottonmine.com

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