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Printed T-Shirts > 6 pcs Snap Back Tshirts Black n Red Print
6 pcs Snap Back Tshirts Black n Red Print

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Price: $42.00
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Prod. Code: SNP-2

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6 Tshirts with print as shown in the picture.

Print Name: Snap Back & Tattoos

Print Color : Black or White and Red (Heart)

T shirt Label : Fruit of the Loom

T-shirt colors available : White and/or black

Also available in men's tshirts and ladies tshirts.

Print size for men's tshirts is approx 10"x13" and for ladies tshirts is 8"x11"

Sizes in the pack:  S/1 + M/2 + L/2 + XL/1 = 6 pcs


If you have any questions, please email us before buying. Other sizes & colors available per request. Please ask for prices.

For Further information Call 1(212)889-0060 or send an email to sales@cottonmine.com